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About Us

Anchor Com, LLC has a base staff in the communications industry with over 18 years of experience with lead management and integration teams experienced the same. Our staff derives from a mixed background of top reputable resources in the DAS industry, such as global leading OEMs, systems integrators, 3POs, and commercial wireless providers.

Anchor Com, LLC has established operating contracts with several of the major commercial wireless service providers. Anchor Com also works for and contracts under third-party operators such as ExteNet, Boingo, Mobility and American Tower. Our portfolio similarly extends to General Contractors, property owners, and management firms which require Public Safety / First Responder services. 

Our experience started with installing some of the first 2G basic passive DAS solutions with repeaters for the carriers on mainly 800/850MHz and 1900MHz. We have continued to grow with the industry now installing all components from small cells to supporting BBUs and ODAS across the newest digital platforms which also include neutral host deployments as well as D-RAN and E-RAN, solutions. Anchor Com is also currently working with providers on several 5G deployments. We aim to keep up with the latest technological developments in both the commercial wireless industry and Public Safety / First Responder networks.

Anchor Com’s experience has led the successful completion of communications projects across the West Coast, Southwest, Mountain, and Midwest states. With offices in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Missoula Anchor Com targets the west territories, but also currently supports clients and partners all over the US. The solutions provided support end-users from private homes, hospitals, schools, call centers, and manufacturing plants to multi-tenant office buildings, hotels, and large venues. Anchor Com currently holds maintenance contracts with several groups which involve individuals, local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), wireless carriers, and 3rd party operators.

Anchor Com’s scope focuses on all aspects of a turnkey wireless communications deployment: Audit, Benchmark, Design, Consulting, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Optimization, and Documentation

If you have any questions or prefer references from clients we’ve worked with, we would be happy to provide them. We have a great name in the industry, we stand behind our work, and are here to support your communication needs whatever they may be.

Business Mission

Our mission at Anchor Companies is to cooperatively pursue life, liberty and happiness through our investments in good people and good work throughout the electrical and communications industries.

Business Goals and Objectives

Anchor Companies is continually looking for new innovative ways to improve productivity. We are currently seeking additional locations to provide faster response, efficient deployment and to help provide better financial results for our customers projects. As Anchor Companies continue to grow across the U.S., we will continue to provide best in class quality and service to every one of our customers.